How to Order

     We take inventory on the farm every Thursday and send out our new availability that same afternoon. Prices, descriptions, and available quantities are included for your convenience.

     Our inventory is sent to customers each week via email and fax. To receive our weekly availability email please click here. Once you have received our availability mark it up as needed and send it back via email, fax, or call your order into our friendly staff.

     We ship orders to Western Washington Tuesday through Friday, year round. We require 24 hours notice prior to shipping. This includes modifications to orders. All orders must meet our $300 minimum or pay a $25 shipping fee. We charge freight and ferry fees as needed. We do allow local businesses to pick up smaller orders directly from our farm. Pick up orders can be ordered in the same way with 24 hour advance notice. We ship to Eastern Washington, Oregon, and Alaska in the spring. Please call if you have any questions about shipping outside of these locations or days---we might be able to accommodate you.  

     Annual and perennial flowers are sold by the flat. Please circle the desired number of flats in all categories. Sizes vary from 3.5 and 4 inch pots up to 1 gallon and 2 gallon containers. The number of pots per flat depends on the individual plant and the size of the pot.

     Succulents and herbs can be ordered by the row. We ask that you indicate that you would like a row by writing 1R or 2R. Herbs in the 2.5 inch category are 32 pots to a flat or 4 rows of 8. Succulents and herbs in the 3.5 inch category are 18 pots to a flat or 3 rows of 6.

Specialty Items such as bulbs in clay, flower specialty, herb specialty, and hanging baskets are sold by the each.